Who is Lulu Pork Chop?

I am part chef, cookbook author, journalist, teacher, with more than three decades of experience telling stories and stringing words together. Lulu is my diner nickname from my stint waiting tables at the American Diner in Philadelphia. Pork chop comes from the day I slipped and fell on my butt while carrying a plate of pork chops, which flew over my head. My mom decided on Kimberly Ann, but you can call me Kim or KOD.

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In April, I spent a week in Poland cooking for displaced refugees from Ukraine. I documented my experiences both in and out of the kitchen, in real time. Every new edition of the newsletter goes directly to your inbox.

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Stirring the pot, with meditations, musings, recipe-lettes, and lots of crumbs thrown in. From longtime food writer Kim O'Donnel.


Kim O'Donnel
Curious cook, wordsmith, teacher, cookbook author. East coast original, back in Pennsylvania after 11 years in Seattle.